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    Here at TDH Contracting, we provide Affordable Services for Residential Properties across Waterloo and the surrounding area. If you are looking to work with an experienced engineer with over 25 years of experience, we can help.


    Residential Services

    Commercial Services


    Alongside Residential Services, we also provide Commercial Services here at TDH Contracting. Whether you are looking for a Roofing Contractor or a Guttering Engineer, we have the experience to help.


    Commercial Services

  • Roofing

    One of the main services that we provide here at TDH Contracting is Roofing. We provide Roofing Installation, Repair, and Replacement, to keep your property dry and safe from the various weather elements. We work with providers of the best material and equipment to deliver the best possible results for your property. It's about working with your property and keeping you dry and safe.


    When your roof goes through various weather elements, it deteriorates. While it doesn't form damage straight away, it starts becoming weaker. Over time, it will begin to form damage which means that leaks form, water, and bad weather enters the property and causes more damage. This happens if you leave small damages to become worse and don't act when the problem arises.


    However, here at TDH Contracting, we can work with you and your roof to ensure that any damage is repaired or replaced and that your property remains on track and safe. We have experience in a variety of roofing materials and solutions, delivering the best result.


    While Roofing & Siding act as a physical barrier to your property, Guttering also plays an important part in keeping your property safe and structured. Sure, Roofing & Siding protect your property from physical, but Guttering prevents any water damage from occurring to your property, keeping it dry and safe. It's about working with your property to keep it dry.


    The role of guttering is to direct water flow. When it rains or storms, rain lands on the roof of your building. It then runs along your roof towards your guttering, which then directs all of the water flow using gravity towards your drainage system and away from the property. This prevents the water from dripping down the walls of your property or siding and creating dampness.


    Our team has experience in the fitting, repair, and replacement of Guttering on a variety of properties. From Residential Houses to Commercial Offices, we can prevent your property from becoming damaged. Speak to our team at TDH Contracting today to find out more about our Guttering Services.


    Alongside Roofing, we also offer Siding Services. We provide Siding Repair, Siding Replacement & Siding Installation to keep your property on track and keep your property safe from weather damages. Siding is a large part of your exterior in America, with most properties having siding to deflect away from the core walls and structure of the property. Without siding, properties become damaged and worse for wear quite quickly. Also, replacing Siding is much cheaper than replacing the core walls of a property.


    Here at TDH Contracting, we have worked with customers and their siding for over 25 years. Whether it be repairing damages, replacing completely damaged siding, or installing siding on a property that doesn't currently have siding, we can help. Our team of engineers and staff have worked around the clock, perfecting our service and ensuring that we can work with your property and deliver the best possible results.


    If you are looking for a Siding Contractor that can help you with your property and keep your property and siding safe through repair, then speak to our team at TDH Contracting today. We can discuss your property and the services we offer to create the ideal package for you!


    Alongside our Roofing, Siding & Guttering Services, we also offer Drywall Services. While the exterior of your property protects your property from further damage, the interior is just as important. Whether it be creating rooms from an open-plan property or changing your current layout, Drywalling is a cheap way of adding walls to your property using reasonably priced materials! We also repair and replace Drywall too, should it become damaged through room changes and adjustments.


    Having strong, structured drywalling in your property is important. Especially if you are using Drywalling to restructure your property. However, like anything in a property, Drywalling deteriorates over time. Working with a contractor like TDH Contracting, we can help to repair and replace drywall that is damaged or aged, so that you can continue to keep going within your property for longer!


    If you are looking for a Contractor with 25+ years of experience, then TDH Contracting can help. Our team of Engineers and Staff have worked in our services and business for the best part of our experience. Whether it be repairing a property or replacing badly damaged material, we have the experience to help!

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